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Atmos Studio

Built with the ideal acoustic of a mixing room and later updated with a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos System, the Atmos Studio is the very heart of The Pierce Rooms, where a lot of the magic is set to happen.


Having been a catalyser for hit records in the last 30 years, this studio continues to deliver in the hands of our in-house engineer Steve Fitzmaurice, succeeding with great records time and time again.

Tracking Studio

Originally a live recording room and later transformed into a more versatile working space, the tracking studio delivers to those who are looking for a wide set of services: Writing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Consisting of a large room with plenty of gear for recording, mixing and mastering, along with a recording booth with a set of the best microphones, this space boosts the creativity that allows for a song to go through every stage of production within one space.


This room currently shows its worth as the regular studio to our in-house engineers: Plamen Vasilev and Neil Pickles; also being available for dry-hire to external producers and engineers.

Programming Studio

A prime location for both mixing and small-scale recording, the programming room, originally used to house the studio’s vast array of synthesisers, is now occupied by our in-house engineer Darren Heelis.


Its well-built acoustics have made it ideal for a mixing room, and to add to its practicality, the room also features a small but well-fitted recording booth, frequently used for vocals and guitars.


It is the home of our in-house engineer Darren Heelis, who has and keeps on producing and mixing hit records.

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