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Pierce Entertainment offers a series of bespoke master classes as a complement to degree courses where students can learn how professional records are made in a commercial environment.

We run two main subject classes at our famous Hammersmith studios using the same equipment and techniques that are behind our biggest hits. 


- The importance of mastering and how to prepare

  a mix for mastering.

- Analogue and Digital mastering

- The processing chain, manipulating dynamics,

  further processing and multi format delivery.

- Mastering for YouTube, iTunes/player and Spotify


- In The Box (ITB) Vs Hybrid mixing

- Using EQ and compression effectively

- Advanced compression techniques

- Control and create dynamics by automation and 

  clip gain

- FX basics and advanced spot/sweeteners

All classes are tailored to suit existing degree modules, giving students the insight to apply their learning in commercial practise and adding value to existing courses. Demonstrations are conducted on students own projects and current commercial hits to give a comprehensive experience.

Please contact to arrange your class
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