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Laurence Love Greed Keeping Faith - smal
Pat Jonsson - Suddenly We Looked Like Gi
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Cicely began mastering in 2013 at Gearbox Records while studying for the prestigious Tonmeister qualification at the University of Surrey. 

She learnt vinyl cutting using Gearbox Records' Scully lathe and expanded her knowledge of mastering using their range of modern and vintage analogue equipment.


At Gearbox Records she worked on material for Brownswood Recordings, Decca and Sony as well as releases for the Gearbox label. 


In February 2016 Cicely started work at the legendary Air Studios Lyndhurst, assisting ex-Trident engineer Ray Staff and mastering projects in her own right. 

During her time at Air she worked on many projects including the remastering of David Bowie’s back catalogue for Parlophone, award-winning soundtrack albums for the composers Pat Jonsson and Laurence Love-Gree and saxophonist Nubya Garcia’s sell out records. She also mastered five records for Ludovico Einaudi, the first of which was released by Decca in 2019.


Cicely's recent projects have been released on Capitol Records, Futurekind, Injazero Records, SA Recordings (Spitfire Audio) and Editions Mego.


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